Best Walkers For Mobility Reviews For 2020 [Top 3 Picks]

​In this article, we short-list the top mobility walkers that are currently on the market. Our aim is to provide you with the essential information needed to decide which is the best mobility walker for your needs.

Walkers will help you get back in shape after you have broken a bone in your leg. They are also ideal for the elderly who have mobility or balance issues.

They come in different shapes, sizes and features to match the needs of different people whether elderly or with a mobility problem. Ergo, the process of choosing a walker that will match your needs may be painstaking especially factoring in that you are most probably buying walker for the first time.

There are thousands of consumer walker mobility reviews online but you still need to know what to look for to end up with the right walker.

There are basically five types of walkers and according to Mayo Clinic, a walker should be chosen based on the user’s physical strength and their cognitive ability. More on this explained later in this guide. We have done the basics for you and chosen the best walker mobility to suit your needs.


Price $

Drive Medical Four-Wheel Rollator

Drive Medical Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker

Hugo Mobility Elite Rollator Walker with Seat

#1 Drive Medical Four-Wheel Rollator

This walker is created to offer the convenience needed in a walker while being portable enough for ease of use. The rollator from Drive Medical can be adjusted 2 inches higher or lower depending on the stature of the user.

For comfort, the walker comes with a built-in seat that sports an ergonomic backrest enabling the user to seat and relax when not walking. Below this seat is a storage area where you can securely keep your valuables or your medicine.

The height of this Drive Medical rollator is adjusted from the handlebars to ensure the user maintains the correct posture always. This is coupled with ergonomic hand grips which keep the user’s hands at a natural angle to enhance comfort and make it easy to access brakes.

The walker is popular for its tool-free assembly; you can set up this mobility aid in a few minutes, fold it down for storage easy. The foldable design means you can keep it in your car trunk when traveling.

This walker mobility can support adults 300 pounds or lighter. It is recommended for those who have an injury to heal, dealing with arthritis or those with balance problems.

The wheels of this walker are extra large at 8 inches giving the mobility aid reliable stability and making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. For extra storage, the walker is offered with a saddle bag.

The Drive Medical Four-Wheel Rollator is created using a sturdy steel frame and features 7.5-inch non-marring casters which make it ideal for indoor use and deluxe loop locks to keep the walker from slipping when the user is seated.

Most of the consumers on have applauded this mobility aid with most citing the great performance of the walker. Reviewers say the walker is ergonomic enough to offer comfort and sturdy enough to hold the weight of users without collapsing. However, the concern of most of the reviewers is on the short length of the adjustable handle extensions.

Features We Like

  • Ergonomically placed lever for height adjustment
  • Great performance/price ratio
  • Sturdy steel constructions that handles up to 300lbs
  • Comfortable seat and back support

#2 Drive Medical Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker

Drive Medical Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker is a two-wheel walker that combines a lightweight design with strength and durability to realize an easy use. It is offered with a two-button mechanism where the user only needs to click a button and the walker closes.

The u-shape of the walker frame enhances clearance while the cross frame gives it stability and sturdiness. To enhance mobility, the walker sports two 5-inch wheels coupled with improved rear glide caps to make the walker fit for use in many terrains.

For more stability and comfort, the grips are contoured. This makes it non-slip and easy on the hands of the user. The adjustable height of the walker makes it ideal for users of different statures.

Each side of the walker is designed to operate independently. This eases movement in tight spaces and offers greater stability to the user when standing. The 1-inch diameter aluminum frames make the walker sturdy and lightweight. It weighs approximately two pounds. reviewers have all the good things to say about the walker but most are disappointed with the quality of the tray and its instability after being installed on the walker. However, the walker has been touted as strong, lightweight and easy to use. A high number of reviewers recommend the walker for use after surgery and for the elderly but advise buyers to be cautious when carrying drinks or liquids without a lid on the walker tray.

Features We Like

  • Adjustable height makes the walker comfortable; no leaning
  • Strong build but lightweight
  • Easy to use; push-button mechanism can be operated by fingers, palm or sides of hand
  • You can fit a tray on the cross frames
  • Design allows walker to fit in narrow spaces

#3 Hugo Mobility Elite Rollator Walker with Seat

Hugo Mobility Elite Rollator is created with the same feature as the Drive Medical Four-Wheel Rollator with the only difference being in the padding of the seat. The seat is thickly padded for added comfort. It features a storage space under the seat for which a free saddle bag has been provided to hold your items securely.

The height of the handle bars can be adjusted to match the height of the user and enhance their comfort. This being a four wheel walker, the brakes are located on the handlebars at an ergonomic angle making them easy to access.

Assembling this walker is easy and does not require any tool. This is the same case with folding it up. You can fold it at the touch of a button. It supports individuals up to 300 pounds and comes handy to those with balance issues and those with leg injuries.

The wheels are large, 8 inches in diameter, giving the walker increased mobility and added stability. This walker weighs 21.55 pounds; given that it is a wheeled walker, it is lightweight.

Majority of the thousands of reviews on are positive with most praising the ergonomic construction of the walker, its comfortable seat and its strong braking system. However, there are a few reviewers who are concerned the walker collapses after a few months of use. Majority of the reviewers, including those with positive 5-star reviews, are bothered by the fact that the walker does not fold properly and keeps springing up with nothing to hold it down.

Features We Like

  • Strong braking system for extra safety
  • Thickly padded seat and backrest for comfort
  • Free saddlebag for storage of items
  • Great value for money
  • Large wheels for added stability

Who Needs a Walker?

A walker is an ideal tool for anyone with a mobility or balance problem. It is more common with the elderly who, as they age, lose their core strength and their balance reduces.

Arthritis is a major condition that affects the elderly where the knees and hips become unstable. Sometimes, the medication that the elderly take can alter their balance. To prevent falls, the best walker mobility aid for them is needed.

Walkers came to replace canes, which most people result to as a first step. Though walking canes are readily available and relatively cheap, they offer less support. Walkers are, however, not for the elderly only. Anyone can have an injury that limits their mobility, in such cases, a walker comes handy. If you need support but feel like a walker is slowing you down, you can buy a rollator which is basically a walker with wheels. Rollators fold up easy and most come with a basket for storage of items.

Wheels or Wheel-less Walkers; Which is the Best?

After deciding you need a walker, one of the major decisions you have to make is whether to get one with wheels or one with no wheels.

While conventional walkers do not have wheels, it does not mean they are the best for you. Wheel-less walkers can be cumbersome as you have to lift them to move forward and they can be caught up in uneven floor surfaces. Again, they limit your speed. However, if you need maximum support, wheel-less walkers are the best.

Manufacturers are now creating walkers with two front wheels and two stands with a rubber base to balance support and comfort. These walkers are better suited for uneven surfaces. With wheels, walkers are about one inch wider. Four wheeled walkers offer you speed and comfort and are designed with brakes to slow or stop.

Walker Buying Guide and Selection Criteria

When you own a walker, you will constantly be using it. Therefore, it needs to feel like a natural extension of you. If it is heavy, too cumbersome or wider than you need, it will soon make your problem worse. It is not safe to just choose a walker based on walker mobility reviews alone; you need to know what to look for based on your needs.


The width of a walker can limit your movement in hallways, into bathrooms or even into some rooms in your house. Most bathroom doors are only 22 inches wide and most of the public washrooms are also narrow. Again, you need a walker that fits in your car trunk.

Overall Weight

Seeing that wheel-less walkers need to be lifted, they need to be light enough for you to lift easily. Again, when traveling, you will need to lift it into the truck of your car or the back seat. A heavy walker is problematic.

Walker Accessories

Walkers are created to make you comfortable and as such, it is important that they feature the accessories that you may need such as a storage pouch, cup holder or storage tray. You may also need a walker that has a seat and a backrest; these are important for outdoor walkers and for people who are nursing an injury.

Adjustable Height

All walkers designed recently are adjustable in height and allow you to walk without leaning in front. However, you need to choose one where you fall at the middle of the walker’s height range. Different factors may alter the height of the walker and as such, you need to be able to adjust an inch higher or lower than your normal height.

So, How Do You Get The Correct Height?

Getting the walker height correct is especially important to very short or very tall people. For this group of people, a leg extension on the walker or a special petite walker may be needed.

To get the walker height right, stand straight on a flat surface with your shoes on and allow your arms to hang loosely and naturally. Have a family member or friend measure the distance from the crease on your wrist to the floor. This should be your handle height. When shopping, choose a walker that adjusts an inch lower and an inch higher than your handle height.

Some points to remember

Walkers, even when they are equipped with a seat and a backrest, are not wheelchairs and should not be used as one. Using them inappropriately can weaken the frame, which is made lightweight.

Walkers need to be maintained to ensure their safety. Same with taking care of wheelchairs, you need to constantly do maintenance check and fix the walker if anything feels wrong as proper fit is key to the safety of mobility aids. Ensure walker replacement parts are available and the warranties are favorable.

Our Choice For The Best Walker For Mobility

Drive Medical Four-Wheel Rollator is our walker of choice. Like its name suggests, it is a walker with four wheels, a rolling walker. Created to offer a perfect balance between support, comfort and safety, this rolling walker sports a stylish design, a strong steel construction, ergonomic hand grips and comfortable seat and a strong braking mechanism. Even better, it is lightweight, comes with a storage pouch and is easily foldable for storage and portability. Again, it is reasonably priced.